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This page is not trying to be comprehensive description of Farmi Tilatech but just a brief summary of our visions and ideas of the farm equipment business.

The company was founded by Kirsi & Marko Nummela after they experienced not a very smooth building process of a swinery.  On the same time they noticed that the designs of the big-stables or equipment were not up to the task in many cases.  The prices had also climbed upwards because of the oversized organizations of the farm equipment retailers had not reflected to ongoing changes in the Finish farming.  Besides the support and after sales functions of most of the farm equipment had been run down in the name of the cost savings. There was clearly an invitation to another approach and Kirsi & Marko decided to accept the challenge.

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Farmi Tilatech Oy has been fortunate to find out reliable partners who share the same values and commitment in serving the farmers with durable and hi-quality equipment which are backed up with continuous support and service.  All our partners represent to ultimate top edge of the farming equipment and they have been on the business for decades.  Most of our partners are market leaders in their own category in the World, Europe and also in Finland.

Farmi Tilatech Oy’s vision is to find such equipment and production methods that mean continuous value addition to our customers.  The aim is not to sell only equipment but a companionship, consultancy and proper after-sales services.  One could say that Farmi Tilatech Oy is a company that has one unique advantage over most of the competitors; the ultimate testing facilities.

All the products can be well tested and evaluated in the production units of Kirsi and Marko.  The units are in Finish scale the ones that can be called future standards and that gives even more weight to the R&D projects that are continuously running in the company.

One of the keys to the success has been that Farmi Tilatech Oy is always welcoming all the invitations to open dialogue over the production equipment.  We do not have a prejudice to any one and if You feel that Your company shares the same visions and have the same values, please, give us a call or send us an email.  Perhaps You will be the next partner for Farmi Tilatech Oy.

Looking forward to hear from You – perhaps today?

Kirsi & Marko Nummela
Farmi Tilatech Oy

Farmi Tilatech Oy

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